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NEWSLETTER #8: QTBIPOC Live Summer Concert!

Thursday "QTBIPOC Live Summer Concert!" Pop-Up

Thursday 28.07.2022


Köpenicker Str. 18, 10997 Berlin

15-20 EUR

Pay at the door or before on Resident Advisor


We are so excited to be hosting a new Pop-Up focusing on one of our five main components as a space: Performance!

We wanted to focus on the live music scene in the local Berlin Queer Bipoc community. Together with the artists we picked prices, pay, marketing costs, etc. to collaborate on a pop-up one-time event: Live Summer Concert!


MC/rapper, producer, DJ, and performance artist From a race of bio-luminescent extra terrestrial creatures with Nubian features booming in speakers. Based in Berlin, formerly Philadelphia.

21:30-22:30 Rhama is a latinamerican trans-femme nonbinary artist, based in berlin. Their music contains elements of pop, reggaetón, disco, house and more!


Gender fluid Iranian-American artist Dornika (she/they) is a Berlin based musician, visual and performance artist, dancer, drag performer and vocal coach. Dornika’s music is not bound by genre. Dornika draws from all parts of Dornika’s life, exploring elements of jazz, hip-hop, pop, Iranian folk, voguing beats, techno and experimental electronic music.


Hanaby is a DJ based in Berlin with sounds ranging from electronic music to a variety of African genres such as Afrobeats, Gqom, and Kuduro -- plus a splash of bass and club! Hanaby is also part of a collective called Local Juice Soundsystem @locjuicesystem, check them out!


This event welcomes allies. The space is wheelchair accessible, but not very easy, so personal assistance is recommended. The music will be loud so please bring noise reducing headphones or ear-plugs if needed. There will be flashing lights during the show from 22:30-23. People will be asked to keep distance. There will be staff available at all times to address any needs and questions. The show takes place indoors. There is an outdoor quiet area with seating.

If you have any further questions regarding accessibility please feel free to contact us at

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