NEWSLETTER #1: Meet The Team

Updated: Jun 17

We would like to take a moment to introduce ourselves to you! We believe in full transparency and community building. You can find out about our mission statement in the "About Us" section on the website, but if you would like to get to know us individually...

Someone leaning on their hand smiling, looking into the camera

Meet Hanne!


since a while, Hanne has been

interested in creating something by/for the community that doesn’t only involve partying - something that’s both queer and constructive.

at blue star Hanne works in curating, art management, and writing.

if you were an animal, what would you be?

wild rabbit

if you had to define queerness:

fluid, electric, dissolving borders, transformative, questioning

what do you do in Berlin?

in the last 2,5 years, I was working in the art world: at a gallery, a project space and an artist studio. but at the moment, I am full-time studying in a master program called “gender and diversity”

fun fact?

i love window cleaning!

how do you feel in this moment in 3 words?

confused, volcanic, healing

how can we find out more about you?

@hannievogel (although a rather passive user)

Perso sitting on a bench looking at the camera

Meet Mon!


Mon found their queerness through the community in Berlin and value creating spaces in which we can come together.

"i also love exploring ways in which we can heal through creative expression and facilitate others’ access to culture."

at blue star Mon works in Social Media and Graphics + Workshop Facilitation.

if you had to define queerness:

an attitude of respect and wonder. A parallel universe. A space-and-time-ship into a tender future

what do you do in berlin?

i photograph, paint, and spend my time with all kinds of artistic expression, recently exploring writing as a healing tool. i bike around the city when i’m sad/anxious. i'm part of Sunday Club collective.

fun fact?

i have a stick collection and I'm obsessed with tiny things (especially tiny hands, I like putting tiny hands on my sticks)

how do you feel in this moment in 3 words?

excited, goopy, jittery

how can we find out more about you?

@monmon_arte //

(website under construction)

person making a silly face looking away from the camera

Meet Nkech!

She/ They

what is your achilles heel?

one too many sugars (in my tea, my cereal, my everything)

Nkech has been passionate about creativity, identity and spaces that bring people together. Blue Star is the queer, enriching home away from home she has been looking for. A place to learn, teach, and connect with others.

at blue star Nkech works in workshop facilitation, writing, and recruitment

if you had to define queerness:

queerness is as diverse as we are. It is a sense of self, and it is power. It is fluid, and it evolves with us.

what do you do in Berlin?

i work in gastronomy, as a gallery assistant, and paint on the side. In the new year, I will be slowly but surely returning to writing and poetry.

fun fact?

i am addicted to giving people ridiculous/cute/redundant nicknames.

how do You feel in this moment in 3 words?

anxious and overwhelmed, but hopeful.

how can we find out more about you?


Meet Rocky!


Rocky has dreamt of creating a space like this for years:

"a queer space dedicated to growth can be as powerful as it is beautiful"

Rocky evaluates the environmental sustainability of operational options while also integrating business-thinking into the larger creative process to ensure the project is feasible and sustainable in the economic situation.

what is important to you in a relationship?


if you had to define queerness:

queerness is an expression of consensual love that has not yet been normalized

what do you do in Berlin?

Iive and love here.

fun fact?

time is not like space.

how do you feel in this moment in 3 words?

contemplative, confused, careful

how can we find out more about you? in/rockwell-gulassa/

Meet Tegwen!