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NEWSLETTER #7: Queer Home Away From Home

Saturday "Queer Home Away From Home" Pop-Up
A room in the group show "Opening Hours" by fünfter Löffel

Senses Workshops Evant Poster

Saturday 26.03.2022
Treptow Atelier

Wilhelminenhofstraße 83-85, 12459 Berlin


But this time we're working together with so many other wonderful artists can collectives! We have been invited by fünfter Löffel to curate one living room we've called "Queer Home Away From Home" We'll be hosting along side others from 16:00 Saturday 26.03 - 03:00 Sunday 27.03.

“Queer Home Away from Home” is an interactive experience curated by Blue Star Project Space in the “Opening Hours” group show by fünfter Löffel. In this constantly evolving living room we will experiment with the harsh dualities between social and anti-social space. With bursts of quarantine inspired activities we reclaim lockdown’s solitude as communal and open pathways to experimentations with gender, identity, and family.

Price information:

Coming soon- check our instagram highlight for more information.

Accessibility: The space is on the first floor via stairs and is unfortunately not wheelchair accessible. We only control the vibes of one room which will be conscious of music not too loud and space between visitors, however the event in general will have loud music and flashing lights warning. Pets are allowed however warned for busy and active environments. If you have any further questions regarding accessibility please feel free to contact us at

©fünfter Löffel


Opening Hours 16:00-03:00 is a curatorial approach to merge boundaries between private and public spaces. The interdisciplinary line-up aims to make visitors aware of the shift into a festival setting and to experience room structures in a temporary understanding, being open for eleven hours.

Visual arts, music, video works, site-specific installations and live performances bring the exhibition venue, the Treptow Ateliers e.V. in Schöneweide, to a dignified end before they are gentrified into individual apartments.

It is an experiment, brings the exhibition space into a multidisciplinary structure, transforming it from a sculpture garden into a music stage, into an intimate living room, into a video room, the Pink. The viewer has the choice of how to anticipate the organic biotope of fünfter Löffel.

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