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What is Blue Star? And how can I get involved?

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Blue Star is a queer, transformable project space, a communal gathering point for Berlin residents to learn, exchange ideas, and grow together. In our space we value comfort and creativity. We are a place for building rather than purely indulging.  Blue Star is cozy, available and radically soft.  A modular home away from home.​

While facilities are closed and group-gatherings are not allowed or recommended,  we are facilitating a digital space for you to learn more about Berlin-based and international resources and inspirations. We plan on doing this through interviews, sharing events, and initiating collaborations. In the future we would like to incorporate the following aspects into one, modular physical space:


Cafe/ Coworking

What does a safe space mean to you? Respecting pronouns? Affordable options? Accessible facility? We want to provide as much as we can and grow based on YOUR needs.

An important aspect of Blue Star will be the Cafe/ Co-working space that can bring together likeminded people whilst opening the floor to all in a safe and respectful environment.

Making connections and networking can sometimes be as easy as making a new friend.

We encourage you to work on your own thing, embracing your independence, whilst having a yummy snack in a home away from home.


Learning something new can be exciting, calming, grounding, and even life changing.

We have plans ranging from craft wine nights to clowning workshops to help you explore a range of new skills, hobbies, and communities in Berlin. Support local creatives by sharing knowledge and fun.


Our queer community in Berlin often gathers around performances when they happen. It’s where we see old friends and always make new ones.

Performers in Berlin have committed so much time and energy to learn new, genuine ways of expressing creativity whilst touching the hearts of thousands.

At drag nights, poetry slams, circus acts, plays, dances etc. you can always expect to see something new and support fellow members of the community.



Our team at Blue Star is interested in showcasing the works of emerging or established artists in Berlin, as well as providing a space for curators to pitch ideas and make their dreams come to fruition.


We value diversity, determination, and honesty from artists.


We rely so much on social media for communication and information. In addition to this, Corona is keeping us all apart. Being politically active these days is harder than ever before.

We are excited to facilitate a space with experienced individuals to share their knowledge and open discussions.

Let’s not just share posts, let’s share time, experiences, and growth.

Person standing in front of art smiling. "Tegwen"


(They / Them)


managing, social media, symposium and exhibition recruiting

Person holding a drink looking at the ground smiling surrounded by people. "Mon"


(They / Them)


media graphics and workshop facilitation

A photo of a person in a tree smiling at the camera. "Hanne"


(They / Them)

Co- Founder

curating, art management, and writing

Person sitting leaning on their hand looking at the camera. "Kech"


(She / They)


workshop facilitation, writing, and recruitment

Person smiling at a butterfly on their finger. "Rocky"


(They / Them)


business development and sustainability